4E Dungeons & Dragons

If nothing else, Wizards of the Coast got the Character Builder right with 4th Edition D&D.  Everything you need to build a character, experiment with a character, and bring a character to life for your games is included in the software.  In my opinion it is worth the price of a subscription to Dungeons & Dragons Insider to get the character builder.

I am playing a fair bit of 4th edition D&D right now, and I am having a lot of fun generating characters and devising backgrounds for them.  This site was created to showcase some of these characters I am creating.  I am currently DM'ing so I am not playing with these characters, but it is my hope that some of these will become actual PC's in a game (even just a session or two).

The 4E section of my site features an nice embedded version of the character thanks to the iplay4e application.  If you are a 4e gamer and are not using this great character sharing resource site you really should take a look.