Wraoq Yargug - Half Orc Ranger

This started off as an experiment to see what could be done with the beast master build for the Ranger from Martial Power.  I decided after I got started that mixing the character up with the Iniaite of the Old Faith feat (at 4th level) would be a fun way to mix the beast companion of the ranger with the shape changing ability of the druid.  I knew I would be taking a boar as a beast companion, so it seems fitting that I would also go with a boar as the shape I change into.

His name is pronounced Ray-Ock.

This is a concept character, I am not actively using it in a game.


In perfect coordination with his boar Bulgan, Wraoq uses his shapechanging ability to bring two wild boars charging in against unsuspecting foes.

In the first round of combat, Wraoq will use his minor action to shape change into a boar and then charge into combat with the nearest foe (the foe Wraoq has his Hunters Quarry against).  He uses the Pounce encounter power after the charge to help ensure that he and Bulgan have combat advantage in round 2.  He finishes his first turn by moving Bulgan as close as possible to the quarry.

In the second round of combat he uses the paired predators power to attack the enemy, which allows Bulgan to follow on with an attack.  He also uses the daily power (free action) of his pinning handaxe to immobilize his enemy and the daily power (minor action) of his Talon Amulet to deal 1d6 damage to anyone who attacks him this turn.


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